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Old China Books wants to support independent booksellers with readings and volume
discounts as a "gesture of solidarity" with smaller bookstores. Readings can be scheduled
when authors visit a bookseller's community. Discounts are available for volume purchases
Yang Shen, and other books on the OCB list as they become available.

Methods of Volume Purchase. Methods of volume wholesale purchase can be through
Ingram, or through OCB. Old China Books is a licensed California reseller.

From Ingram: purchases made through a bookseller's account at Ingram are discounted
20% (non-returnable
*), but will be discounted an additional 20% by Old China Books upon
receipt of invoice from a bookseller and report of sale from Ingram. OCB also will reimburse
the bookseller for shipping, resulting in an
effective discount of 50% to 54% depending
upon location.

From Old China Books: volume wholesale purchase orders submitted through this website
will be drop-shipped by Old China Books with terms of 40% discount, non-returnable
*, net
30 days from receipt of Old China Books invoice. OCB also will reimburse the bookseller for
shipping, resulting in an
effective discount of 50% to 54% depending upon location.

To inquire further about wholesale purchases through OCB, please use the form below. OCB
will contact retailers to discuss the arrangements, then issue a Letter of Confirmation. An
order confirmed by a retailer will be drop-shipped from Lightning Source, and OCB will
issue notification and tracking information when an order is shipped. Upon notification of
receipt of an order by a retailer, OCB will issue an invoice for the order. Payment will be due
within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Shipping discounts. For orders submitted through this website, shipping will be paid by
OCB for orders of 10 or more books.
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Terms of Sale. The terms of sale set forth above reflect an approach to book selling
different from the older model wherein a bookseller purchases books on credit with terms,
such as 90 days, which allows time for unsold books to be returned for refund. Our newer
approach requires books be paid for when ordered, or within 30 days from receipt of
invoice, and books so purchased cannot be returned (unless defective or damaged).
this model, a bookseller needs to estimate accurately demand for a title, refrain from
ordering more copies than can be sold, and have means for remaindering unsold copies.
Camel-back Bridge, Pekin China, from Charles Evan Fowler, Chinese Stone Bridges in Engineering Studies, The Engineering News Publishing Co., New York, 1899-1905 (in several Parts).
Old China Books
Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
Book Purchase Inquiry Form
* Defective or damaged books can be returned to the printer or OCB for replacement or
when arrangements are made with OCB. Please hold defective or damaged books and
notify Old China Books of any problems so that disposition can be arranged. Do not return
defective or damaged books to OCB - such books must be returned to the printer Lightning
Source for adjustment. OCB will offer replacement or refund, and will recompense
booksellers for the cost of shipping defective or damaged returns back to the printer.
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Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
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Saturday, April 21, 2012
5:00pm to 6:00pm
How to Buy
eBook on Kindle & Nook
An eBook version of Yang
is now at Amazon and
Barnes & Noble. See the
Yang Shen website eBook
page for details

Release of Yang Shen       
Now available!
New eBook formats
Yang Shen can now be
downloaded in other eBook
formats (besides Kindle and
Nook) from Omni Lit. See
Yang Shen website
eBooks page
Yang Shen Videos
Three videos related to Yang
can be seen now on

Yang Shen Book Trailer
An introduction to the story
told in
Yang Shen and the
players in Shanghai in
1860 (2.3 min, 44MB).

Yang Shen
Media page.

China in 1860
A brief overview of the
history underlying the novel
Yang Shen, giving the reader
the historical context of
China's Ch'ing (Qing)
dynasty, the Opium Wars,
Treaty Ports, and
the Taiping Rebellion. A
painless introduction to
complex times (7 1/2 min,
Yang Shen Media

The Lower Reaches
Journey aboard the clipper
Essex to China, and the
Chinese war-steamer
Confucius up the Yangtze
River into the heart of China
following the maps in the
Yang Shen and visit
the locations of the story  
(15 min, 210MB).
Shen Media page.
Buy Yang Shen at
Buy Yang Shen at Barnes & Noble