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Old China Books was established in 2011 by James Lande as a venue for publishing fiction
related to China, in particular
Yang Shen. The scope of works to be offered, however, will
expand to include memoirs, journals and poetry. Work on the next two volumes of
Yang Shen
is under way
; Book II is expected in 2013, and Book III in 2015. As time permits, other books
in the OCB list will be readied for publication.

OCB exists solely on the Internet and, as such, is an experimental approach to bookselling.
Books are printed and distributed through channels associated with Ingram's Lightning Source,
which include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets.

OCB is a licensed California reseller, not a retailer, so books published by OCB are sold only
through online vendors, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or in volume for resale by

We are always interested in the experience readers have purchasing our books online, in the
quality of the product received, and in how readers like
Yang Shen. We encourage readers to
provide feedback on any of those topics, or about this website, using the form below.
Old China Books (OCB) website Copyright © 2011 by James Lande. All Rights Reserved.
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Camel-back Bridge, Pekin China, from Charles Evan Fowler, Chinese Stone Bridges in Engineering Studies, The Engineering News Publishing Co., New York, 1899-1905 (in several Parts).
Old China Books
Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
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Dragon art courtesy of Gustavo Rezenda and the Open Clip Art Library
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How to Buy
eBook on Kindle & Nook
An eBook version of Yang
is now at Amazon and
Barnes & Noble. See the
Yang Shen website eBook
page for details

Release of Yang Shen       
Now available!
New eBook formats
Yang Shen can now be
downloaded in other eBook
formats (besides Kindle and
Nook) from Omni Lit. See
Yang Shen website
eBooks page
Yang Shen Videos
Three videos related to Yang
can be seen now on

Yang Shen Book Trailer
An introduction to the story
told in
Yang Shen and the
players in Shanghai in
1860 (2.3 min, 44MB).

Yang Shen
Media page.

China in 1860
A brief overview of the
history underlying the novel
Yang Shen, giving the reader
the historical context of
China's Ch'ing (Qing)
dynasty, the Opium Wars,
Treaty Ports, and
the Taiping Rebellion. A
painless introduction to
complex times (7 1/2 min,
Yang Shen Media

The Lower Reaches
Journey aboard the clipper
Essex to China, and the
Chinese war-steamer
Confucius up the Yangtze
River into the heart of China
following the maps in the
Yang Shen and visit
the locations of the story  
(15 min, 210MB).
Shen Media page.
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